Where can you find the Ain't Hard To Tell Podcast?

The hell is this?

To Whom It May Concern,

The Ain't Hard To Tell Podcast launched in September of 2017 by two freelance journalists -- Dexter Henry and Bryan Fonseca -- who wanted to create enjoyable opportunities for themselves and those around them.

The idea was to broadcast a weekly show discussing the ongoings of sports, hip-hop, entertainment, news, social issues, pop culture and more, serving as an extension of our actual conversations on a real life day-to-day basis, with the occasional guest(s). 

Since the debut, we've done just that, and continue trying to grow with every episode. We've been joined by professional athletes, journalists, television personalities, entertainers, artists, musicians and more!

To get with the podcast, just visit a link or two (or three, or four!) to your left. 

Hope you enjoy the ride,