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Date of birth: January 10, 1994

Education: St. Francis Brooklyn '16

Nominated for People's Choice Podcast Awards Best Sports Podcast of 2019. Nominated for NYPA Sports Writer and Sports Feature of the year from 2016-2018. 

Current Companies:

  1. MSG Networks (Since Feb. '19)
  2. SLAM (Since February '19)
  3. The Sports Fan Journal (Since October '18)
  4. Backpack Broadcasting (Since March '16)
  5. BQE Media (Since February '16)

Past Companies:

  1. Netsdaily (May '16-Sept '19)
  2. St. Francis Brooklyn Athletics (Dec '15-Sept '18)
  3. USTA (Summer of 2016)
  4. SFC Today (Sept '14-May '16)
  5. CBS Sports (July '15-Oct '15)
  6. Sportsblog (May '13-July '15)

'How I Got Over'


I know, I know. I've aged poorly.

I also know that neither you or I actually believe that.

So, I started getting into sports at the age of three. It took me Felix Trinidad fights and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's presence to get me to shut up. I began to follow every sport shortly thereafter. 

My dad used to bring home the New York Daily News, and even at four or five I'd go straight to the sports section. I'd make up my own box scores, which led to creating my own short stories about made up characters, who I'd later portray in video games.

I started with Sportsblog on May 31, 2013 after my freshman year of college, joined the St. Francis College Student Newspaper in 2014, and the rest is HSTRY, as Nas would say.

More Than Sports


Created 'Side Hustle' web series, which y'all could check out on a tab above or on YouTube!

And speaking of Nas, I have an unusual love for hip-hop music. My older brother grew up in the 1990's and didn't allow me to grow up half-steppin'. 

From early on it was Nas, Wu Tang, Gangstarr, Blackstar, Jay-Z, Biggie, Black Moon, Camp Lo, you name it.

My favorite current artists include Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, Joey Bada$$, Big K.R.I.T., J. Cole, Royce Da 5'9" and Vince Staples. 

That list excludes artists with what I call 'OG' status.

Additionally, it's The Dan LeBatard Show, all damn day. I realized through them that I don't like hardcore sports shows that take what 'we' do too seriously. 

More to come. Stay tuned.

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